Wondering how to prepare for Precollege? Check our our helpful to-do list below:


Please be sure to complete all critical instructions.

  1. Read all emails (personal account and NYU account) and blog posts!
  2. Activate your NYU NetID and NYU e-mail
  3. Apply for your I-20 form (due April 1, international students only)
  4. Register for courses (beginning February 16)
  5. Apply for housing (residential students)
  6. Apply for a Precollege scholarship (due April 1)
  7. Pay your NYU bill (due May 12)
  8. Read the NYU Precollege Handbook and submit required program forms (due June 1)
  9. Book your flight to NYC and submit flight details to NYU Traveler
  10. Submit your NYUCard photo online (see below)
  11. Register with the Moses Center, if applicable (one month before arrival)
  12. Get your book list from the NYU Bookstore
  13. Mark your calendar for the NYU Precollege Orientation! (July 3)

*Please note: All students must have a NYUCard while at NYU. It not only identifies you as an NYU student, it grants you access to NYU buildings and services and student discounts around the campus and city and serves as your dining card if you have a meal plan.

After you are registered in your summer courses, you can submit your NYUCard photo online and, when approved by the NYUCard team, you can pick up your new card at the NYUCard Center at 7 Washington Place! They are open Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm and will also be open on move-in day, July 3, from 9am-4 pm. Please note: You must bring a valid photo ID with you to the NYUCard Center to get your student ID.

More details and information about photo submission guidelines are available online.