Campus housing has a dedicated team of professional and student staff to ensure students’ safety, a sense of community, and administrative operations.

What are PAs?
 Program Assistants (PAs) are student staff members who live on the floor with students in the residential hall. There are PAs for commuter students, too!

What do PAs do?
As NYU students, PAs know all about going to class and living in the city, so they are your #1 resource while here!  Whenever you have an issue, concern, question, or thought, reach out to your PA.  Really, they’ll help you with anything.  During the program, PAs will not only be planning floor and commuter events on campus, they will be running the events and activities available to all students on evenings and weekends, taking care of curfew, and helping to run the building.  You’ll see them a lot while at NYU, so smile and say hi, or stop them for some info!

Who are the PAs?
Allow your PAs to introduce themselves…



Logan is a rising sophomore majoring in Economics and on the Premed track. He likes to listen to Weezer, watch South Park, and annoy the other PAs by getting into political debates he should have never been a part of. Logan wants to listen to you, but has noticeably bad hearing, so he’ll probably say, “WHAT?!” three times before he understands what you’re trying to ask or say. Fun fact: Logan almost became a model, but felt too awkward to ask someone to take headshots for him.





If you’re looking for a girl who laughs at her own bad jokes, look no further. Andie is a rising sophomore at the Gallatin School studying mass media and digital narrative, aka professional YouTube watching. She has a variety of useless skills like making a three leaf clover with her tongue and painting the nails on her non-dominant hand.
Fun fact: Andie came to NYU having never visited the campus before!





Amelia is a rising junior in the Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing at Tisch. When she’s not watching trashy TV shows, she likes to Google pictures of unlikely animal friends.
Fun fact: She runs a Facebook page called “Some dogs i’ve seen” where she posts some dogs she sees.





Oftentimes called a “pleasant surprise” by his parents, Tate was marked for greatness from birth. In his adolescence he studied the ancient art of playing American football; but, at the tender age of 16, decided to throw his life away on acting. He makes money to support his “career” by being a member of the technopop and dance duo “Alpacacapla” as well as designing and constructing sets for various plays in Manhattan.
The Least “Fun fact” on the Planet: Tate has never been to Disney World OR Disneyland.




As a rising sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Computer Science, Ashwin enjoys living vicariously through celebrity talk show hosts such as Ellen DeGeneres and James Corden. In an effort to maintain a modicum of his childlike wonder, Ashwin also plans to minor in Japanese and Game Design. It is likely that you’ll find Ashwin relaxing in his room while going out on the occasional adventure in the Big Apple.
Fun fact: When he was a wee youngin’, Ashwin had the nickname “Ash” derived from the popular Pokemon series’ main character.




As a native New Yorker, born in Manhattan and raised on Long Island (pronounced lawn-GUY-lind), Alexa is somewhat familiar with the in and outs of the “citay.” Alexa is a rising sophomore and is studying Global Public Health and Science, which is baaasically her way of saying she has no idea what she’s doing. 😉
Fun fact: You can always find Alexa jamming out in her room to any song from 2007.





Karen is a rising junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Art History. She enjoys acting as Chris Evans’ personal hype woman, conversing with her Harry Styles and recently acquired Zayn Malik cutouts, and reading about her horoscope.
Fun fact: Karen is a Gemini.






Molly comes to us from the faraway land of Connecticut. She is a rising junior majoring in Psychology on the Premed track who just finished a semester in Paris (which she will probably bring up more times than necessary.)
Fun fact: She enjoys re-watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and singing the entire soundtrack of Hamilton.






Maddie is a rising junior in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Education Studies, Public Policy, and Psychology. She still (yes, still) follows Grey’s Anatomy religiously.
Fun fact:  Maddie is the sole vegetarian working at her job at a vegetarian restaurant
*Commuter PA*





Frequently confused for Zac Efron, Colin is a rising sophomore in the Steinhardt school studying Media, Culture, and Communication. He hails from a small suburb outside of Boston, where he lived with his six (!) siblings.
Fun fact: When he’s not working, you can find Colin eating pizza somewhere in the Village or re-watching every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.




Christina is a rising junior and studies Acting and Psychology, and can most definitely be found singing through the streets and tripping on her shoelace. She is waiting for the day seltzer runs on tap and diets are composed entirely of dark chocolate.
Fun fact: Christina was told by her dentist that she will never have wisdom teeth grow in, and therefore will always be lacking a certain amount of wisdom.





A rising sophomore, Abbey studies Fashion Business and Studio Art in Gallatin. She spends her time shopping in Soho, binge-watching Friends, and discovering music on Spotify.
Fun fact: Abbey is spending next year abroad and can talk about traveling for hours.
*Commuter PA*





A food enthusiast and an overall weird individual, Steven can be seen attempting to dance in the Resource Center. Steven is a rising junior studying Hospitality and Tourism with a minor in Food Studies.
Fun fact: Steven was a vegetarian for all of one month.






Sharanya is a rising senior and an English major and Business Studies minor in the College of Arts and Sciences. You can often find her binge-watching shows on Netflix, reading books in coffee shops, and scrolling through Instagram accounts of cute dogs.
Fun fact: During her 21 years of life, Sharanya has lived in 13 different cities.
*Commuter PA*





Daniel is a rising senior in Gallatin studying the Psychology of Design. He’s a graphic designer and video editor, video game and hip-hop enthusiast, and a native New Yorker. If you want to talk hip-hop, graphic design, social justice, or just need some help with the subway lines – hit him up!
Fun fact: He’s a beatboxer!





Hannah is an abstract concept hailing from St. Joseph, Michigan and majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication. Despite lacking a corporeal form, she hopes to work in fashion or entertainment.
Fun fact: Hannah communicates entirely in Gossip Girl quotes.






Coming all the way from Ohio, Wynn runs the 20th floor and is a rising junior studying Finance, Spanish, Public Policy, and Management. Don’t ask him about Broadway or roller coasters unless you have at least an hour to spare.
Fun fact: Beware If you stand still too long, Wynn may knit a hat directly onto your head.






Brad is a rising senior in the Galatin school studying Business Management. When he is not working, you can find Brad watching horror movies, doing yoga, and playing League of Legends until he falls asleep.
Fun fact: Brad loves chicken nuggets! 🙂


Rachel is a rising sophomore majoring in Public Policy & Economics. She hopes to be the first female Prime Minister of Malaysia. Rachel likes (1) playing the ukulele and (2) parks. Rachel also appreciates puns, a good story and all things yellow (like sunflowers)! She will most likely laugh at all your jokes.
Fun fact: Rachel hasn’t been home (Malaysia!) since she arrived at NYU.


Tommy is a rising sophomore studying Computer Science and Finance. If you see him sulking in Downstein, feel free to make any excuse for him to leave.

Fun fact: He is trying to save money this summer on food but has already failed terribly.


Vincent is a rising sophomore in the Tandon School of Engineering (and thus the only Engineering student PA!!!). He spends time playing (a lot of) basketball, watching Game of Thrones, and just chilling in general.
Fun Fact: He is a Justin Beiber fan. (The new album)
*Commuter PA*


Meet Angie from the 21st. She is an electric type Pokemon with major obsessions with Kanye West and Paul Thomas Anderson films. She is currently studying in Tisch School of the Arts in the Dramatic Writing Program.
Fun fact: Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite.


A rising senior in the Film/TV program and a renown eccentric, David prefers Marvel to DC Comics any day. Fun fact: Please ask him any questions that will distract from the void of existence.


MJ is a cooking show enthusiast, and can often be seen binging on The Great British Baking Show, Chopped, and anything with Gordon Ramsey. She just graduated from NYU with a degree in Media, Culture, and Communications and will be attending Graduate School at NYU in the Fall.

Fun fact: Reach out to MJ if you ever want to talk Game of Thrones fan theories or want to find out how to get orchestra seats at the Metropolitan Opera for under $40.


Matt is a rising senior in the BA/MA program in International Relations. When he’s not doing coursework, Matt can be found drinking alarming amounts of coffee, strolling around Alphabet City, or playing drums in either of his two bands.
Fun fact: He is a master of suspense because–


Erica is the designated Princess of the Resource Center, where she lives talking to fish, singing showtunes as if no one were watching, and waiting for her one true love to bring her chocolate (hasn’t happened yet). She is also a prodigy at the art of daydreaming, so if you see her staring out into space just slowly and calmly back away. Fun fact: Erica can play trombone and hum a song at the same time, because who needs others to harmonize.


If not belting showtunes or a Beyoncé hit, Iyal can be found taking in all that New York has to offer, especially his favorite thing: Broadway. Iyal speaks English, Spanish, French, and Hebrew, even though he comes from a small town, the capital of New York: Albany. It is his dream to someday take home an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.