Tips for Commuter Students

Last week, we posted some tips for residential students about dorm living. But we know not everyone who attends Precollege is a residential student. Therefore, we’re happy to present this celebrity guest blog post featuring real tips from a real commuter student and PA, Daniel.


Establish boundaries at home. For those of you commuting from home and living with your family, it’s important to have conversations about this transition. It can be difficult to balance home life and academic life, and if you don’t take the time to explain that you stay on campus late to study or finish an assignment, for example, it can turn into additional stress that you shouldn’t have to deal with. Remember, the transition from taking high school to college courses isn’t just a transition for you.
Take advantage of available spaces. The Commuter Lounge on the second floor of Kimmel is a great place to study, relax, eat, and everything else. The Student Resource Center (Kimmel 210, right behind the Commuter Lounge) has access to printing, computers, a microwave and fridge, and tons of other resources. Ask around for people’s favorite places on campus – there are a lot to take advantage of!
Attend programs! It can be difficult to feel as connected to campus when you’re commuting, but one surefire way to meet new people and feel that connection is to attend programs. They’re put on just for you, and they’re tons of fun! Put yourself out there and take a break from studying and classes – everyone needs one.
Budget some cushion time into your morning commute. As anyone who has taken the train in NYC will tell you – things happen. Delays, reroutes, and service changes can happen without warning. Always plan to leave a little earlier in the morning to save yourself the stress of running late to class. Plus, if you get here early, you have time to grab some coffee or breakfast!
Bring your chargers with you. You never know when you’ll need to charge your devices, and it can be difficult to find chargers on campus. Bring your chargers for your laptop, phone, and anything else you’ll need – especially if you need your phone to communicate with people back home.
If you take NJ Transit, use the student discount. Go to NYUHome > NYU Life > NJ Transit (on the left) and enroll in the Student Pass program.
Build in extra commute time: you never know what might happen on the subway…
Remember: many students commute to NYU– you are not alone! Take advantage of the resources available to you and, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions.