Reminder: Join Us on Facebook!

Many of you have already joined our Precollege 2016 Facebook group… but if you haven’t what are you waiting for?

join us.jpg

The Facebook group is a great way to (virtually) meet your PAs and chat with your fellow Precollege students before your arrival…and let’s face it, isn’t it always better to have a familiar, friendly face to turn to when you start a new program?

Making new friends is pawsome

Remember, the Facebook group is private, so you’ll have to request to join and be approved by an admin before you can join.  See you on Facebook!

Join us on Facebook

Precollege Blog Exclusive: The NYU Precollege 2016 Facebook Group is live and ready to go!

Why should I join the Facebook group?
The Facebook group is a great way to connect with other students in NYU Precollege this summer, and to learn about what’s happening around campus and in the city. Also, it’s where all the cool kids will be, obvi.

(Disclaimer: Echosmith is not part of the fb group– it’s just a terrible pun)

Sounds pretty rad. How do I join?
The group is private (aka VIP) so it’ll only be open to NYU Precollege 2016 students. You’ll have to request to be added. Once in, you can meet other students and stay in touch with each other!


So request to join today and don’t miss out on any info– we’ll see you on Facebook!