Important Reminder: Precollege Orientation

Can you believe that Precollege is less than two weeks away? We hope you are as excited about it as we are!

Super excited.

To help you get all situated and settled at NYU once you arrive, we are holding a mandatory Precollege Orientation:

Sunday, July 3rd from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Check-in will begin at 4 p.m.

The orientation will be held at the NYU Kimmel Center for University Life, located at 60 Washington Square South, in the 4th floor Eisner & Lubin Auditorium.

What about my parents and guardians? Can they come?
This orientation is for students only. If your parents will be with you that day, we will be holding a separate Parent Orientation from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in the NYU Kimmel Center for University Life, in the 10th Floor Rosenthal Pavilion. We encourage parents to attend the parent orientation.

So…how important is this orientation?

It is VERY important that you attend the mandatory orientation. (Hence the “mandatory” part.) Why? We’ll be going over important information that you’ll need to know as an NYU student! Everything from getting your NYU ID card to fun programs and activities will be covered, and you will then be taken on a tour of the NYU campus!

I totally understand that I have to go…but what if a cataclysmic circumstance beyond my control prevents me from going (or my flight is delayed)?
If for some (very legit) reason you are not able to make it to the orientation on July 3rd, we will be holding a make-up orientation on Friday, July 8th at 10:30am in the Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South, Room 909. 

We ask that if at all possible, you attend the orientation on July 3rd, but if you know that you can’t, make sure you RSVP here: Make-Up Orientation. (Psst: Be sure you’ve signed in to your NYU email address and signed out of any other Gmail accounts before trying to access the form).

I’m an international student; is there a special orientation for me?
International students are expected to attend the mandatory Precollege orientation, too! However, international students will also be required to attend one mandatory check-in with the NYU Office of Global Services so they are in compliance with their visa.

RSVP to an international student check-in session here: International Student Check-In.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We’ll see you at orientation!

College 101: American College for International Students

NYU is one of the most diverse universities in America, if not the world! It has the highest number of international students in the US, with about 90 countries represented in the freshman class.

Pictured: Actual NYU students on NYU’s actual campus.

For some of you, this might be your first time in the Unites States and in an American college setting. So, as part of the College 101 series, we are hosting a one-hour session specifically for Precollege international students where we will go over fun and helpful information that you’ll need to know during your time at NYU. For example, we’ll discus the American style class room, debate culture, agreeing and disagreeing, and other topics.

hamiklton rap battle.jpg
For example: Debates are typically not settled by rap battle. 

More information about College 101 will be given at the mandatory Precollege Orientation on July 3rd.We hope to see you there!