ProTip: Best Study Spaces on Campus

Let’s be honest, Precollege is a ton of fun. But it’s not all fun and games– it’s also a lot of hard work and studying, too! (after all, it is PreCOLLEGE…) Looking to get out of your dorm rooms and still get some work done? Here are some spots that NYU students prefer to study in (relative) peace.

obama study.jpg

Bobst Library

“A friend of mine recently turned me on to 4 North in Bobst. It’s one of those rooms with the big windows facing the park. It has a nice view with lots of natural sunlight. Students in there are super quiet. The room is also filled with big tables, so there’s a good chance you’ll grab a seat–oh, and they have built-in electrical outlets for your laptop! Personally, I find the chairs to be quite comfortable, too. Just don’t tell anyone about this secret location–I don’t want it to become any more crowded!”

Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life

“The new Spiritual building has some real nice study areas. I like the lounges right outside the elevators.”

Kimmel Center for University Life

“The 8th and 9th floors of Kimmel have incredible views of the park and it’s so quiet up there!”

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

If you’re having trouble finding the right study spot, we suggest using the Academic Resource Center (ARC). With comfortable seating and small tables, the lounges are ideal spaces for studying, meeting in small groups, or catching up with friends between classes.


For a complete list of student lounges on campus, check out the student lounges page!