Precollege Hack: To Do List

Who’s excited for the start of Precollege?



We are, too! But wait– before you skip happily to your first class, there are a few things you need to remember to do:

  1. Activate your NYU NetID and read your NYU email
  2. Get your NYUCard
  3. Double-check your course registration and student account on NYUHome to make sure everything is set and you are meeting the program’s registration requirements for residential or commuter students
  4. Submit your required program and health forms
  5. Get your book list from the NYU Bookstore
  6. Attend a mandatory OGS Check-In Session (international students only)
  7. Attend the mandatory NYU Precollege Orientation (all students)

More detailed instructions are also available on the Critical Instructions page of our Admitted Students website.

You may also want to:

  1. Submit your travel details to NYU Traveler
  2. Register with the Moses Center, if applicable
  3. Map your class location(s)

Finally, if you have decided that you cannot attend NYU Precollege, just let us know!  We can process your full withdrawal now so your NYU record will be updated and you can receive a refund on tuition. Just email us with an official withdrawal request at